Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas! *late*

So I had a great christmas, got good presents and I'll show them to you guys in a bit. I've just been really busy :( and today was boxing day and H&M had BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale. It was NUTS. I'll try to get a post in later tonight after work. THanks for dropping by! I'll get back to the comments soon :D

Monday, December 22, 2008

Picture heavy post!

Yay, winter break! These are pictures from our Christmas Dinner/Secret Santa gift exchange. And guess what I got!...*drumroll* THE MK&A OLSEN BOOK. I was so happy, people were like wtf why so happy. But I really wanted this book and I'd been asking everyone to get it for me so I was super glad my secret santa got it for me. I got my person a stussy shirt and I was glad he really liked it as well. So it was a good Christmas dinner with friends :)

Anywhoooo, I wore that ^
And you guys can see the mess that I call my bedroom..also yes..that is a monkey on my lamp.
I'm wearing a wilfred tube top under a dress from honkong a cardigan from the philippines, pearl necklace from philippines, and heels from aldo.
I also got my nails done! I know some people would find this really tacky but as you'll notice I dress in all solids...all the time. And when I do things it's either super simple or super outrageous or whatever. So there are my cheetah print nails :)In front of the tree except we're covering it lol..Me and my book!!! :)This was the person I got! I got him that shirtThe giiirlies :). I ended up picking the worst of the the thumbnails were so tiny and I couldn't see and just picked that one...whoops

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Outfit Last Day of School

Wore this to school, yay last day! It's been FREEEEEZING here. I bought a pair of Uggs just because of the cold and because they feel like heaven on your feet! Sorry for the bad pics, I'm super tired from Christmas shopping and school and ah busy busy! Tomorrow I'm getting my nails done and then going to a Christmas party where we're having secret santa hehe. So def more outfit pics soon cause no school! :)

I'm wearing a Wilfred Tank (underneath) and Cardigan with a Topshop Bow Tank, with AA leggings and Aldo boots (not shown). I loooove this sweater <3 it's new and I just wore it today and it's super warm and I love how it'll go with everything. I'll probably wear this and my uggs to the nail place toms, super comfy yey!

Weird story : So we had our last day of school before holidays and we got sent home early. Why? Cause it's so freakin cold that the pipes froze and if there was a fire the sprinklers wouldn't work or something along those lines :S.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

military jacket

Hey guys, sorry for being such a bad blogger! I'll get to your comments soon. School has been busy! I went shopping and got a bunch of great stuff for even better prices which I'll try to make a post of tomorrow if I have more time.

I'm wearing topshop jeans from a few years ago, checkered vans, grey wilfred tank and a military jacket from Joe (superstore).

So guess how much I got that military jacket for? TWELVE DOLLARS! There was no tax at superstore and it was already really marked down so I'm happy :). I also got a school boy blazer that will make it's debut on the blog very soon. Plus another sweater I got from thrifting :)
Anyways I'm making a wislist for my family and friends for Christmas and perhaps I'll put it here so I can show you nice things I like HAHA. The picture above is a caramel apple from rocky mountain chocolate and omg it's literally heaven on a stick. That apple was more expensive than my red jacket but it's so delicious <3 and totally worth the $12 + haha.

Monday, December 8, 2008

basic - long bag wishlist post!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sale $327.60
I can buy it after Christmas since I'll get money as presents most likely and I have a lot of work during the second half of december and could totally pay off my parents AND buy this gorgeous, buttery-looking-leather bag. Is is gross that I can almost feel the softness and velvety feel of super soft leather? I need to get more schedules for work! Haha. Drool drool, I want you MBMJ Totally Turnlock Quinn Bag. I know it's me since all I wear is black and I've bought lots of cheaper bags but I've still stuck to my trusty, shiny "snake skin" leather dooney and bourke bag, my first somewhat designer I know I'll keep using this one. Plus it's way bigger and I could fit my whole life into that bad boy!

I'm planning to ask for a good leather purse for my graduation present. Some kids ask for cars, computers, money to party...I'm probably going to ask for a lovely leather handbag...preferably Marc Jacobs?

Others I'm contemplating :

Mayle Sale $325
I don't know this brand but I'm drooling over this purse, this is my second choice...a very close second choice! The leather looks exquisite but the straps look short and I like to throw it over my shoulder especially since I'm probably going to jampack it since I will use these bags when I go to college/university in the fall!! yay!

Jill Stuart $375
This looks a bit on the small side but it's got lovely details, I'm only iffy on it since I might get sick of the little features. I really just need to get a sack to make me happy haha. I like her other bags too, they're all very reasonably priced compared to other bags (Sienna Miller's line is selling a bag for 800$, I believe as long as you don't really have a name for yourself in fashion...YOU ARENT ALLOWED TO SELL BAGS FOR EIGHT HUNDRED FRIGGIN DOLLARS &end rant.)

Oh hello there you sexy beast of a bag!
Marc by Marc Jacobs $528
I don't have too much to say about this one besides that it's gorgeous but I think I like the first one better...yeah, I do like the first one better but I don't really think I'm going to ask for the last one 1) too expensive 2)I'm not flipping over backwards for it like the first two 3) I feel like I'll get sick of it easily.

Now for some fun I look for in a bag :
  • SIZE - I like my bags HUGE. I put everything in there, phone, pencil case, make up bag, agenda, lunch, water bottle, reading books, the occasional school book....the kitchen sink...
  • Longer Strap - I hate carrying a hand bag. I feel like it's too low and since I'm short and I love big bags I'm scared the bag will scrape against the floor as I walk. I need to carry it on my shoulder since I put tons of stuff in it...therefore I need my shoulders to carry all the weight.
  • Colour - This one's simple... BLACK
  • Material - Leather, Leather, Leather!
  • Minimal details and accents, if I don't want to get sick of the bag it needs to be ultra plain and simple :P
I really, really like the last bag but I don't want to ask my parents for such an expensive gift because I'd feel guilty and because I'm a jerky little only-child who will probably want more than one gift for grad haha, I shouldn't really be proud of that.

Anyways thank for reading this ... if you did haha. Long post, but I just really want to make sure I don't waste $300+ on a bag I'm not completely in love with. I don't mind saving up for something expensive I just have to make sure I don't make the wrong choice. Haha, this sounds like a big life-changing moment, but it almost is since my life is pretty much in my hand bag :)

Friday, December 5, 2008


sorry guys, im having a hectic week and im going to my best friend's house to sleepover, hang out and then go buy britney spears tix! I'll try to post soon! thanks for all the comments and reading my blog! :D

so i leave you with some pictures of that gorgeous miroslava duma !

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New in the Store

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Blue Sweater - $12 Size L , Checkered Blazer - $25

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Black Leather Jacket - $50 Size S (will fit medium), White Leather Jacket - $50 Size S (will fit medium), Double Breasted Blazer & Blue Blazer with white accents - $25 Custom Made Vintage from my aunt will fit around a small or medium.