Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So since my camera died and I don't know where my cousins camera is, this is what I wore to skizzool today :). Except the teal dress was a shirt-dress from H&M. Everything else I wore is almost identical. GAH. I need a new camera. So since today was my birthday I brought cupcakes to school, since I can't outgrow bringing cupcakes since like grade 2! HAH. And I got icing on my dress :(. I washed it right away so I hope it comes out. K off to eat some Japanese food...AGAIN. Hahah :)The cupcakes I baked :):):)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bright N Tight Costumes

I should've been a tad bit brighter, I realized I wore A LOT of black and you can't even really see my bright hot pants very well...haha but at least my friends did better than I did!

Hopefully this time the pictures will be able to load! These are the costumes/outfits my friends wore to my party :). Enjoy!

knit vests

GAH. So I just bought this grey wilfred vest which I am inloooove with but I can't take a picture of know why? Since both my camera AND my little cousin's cameras have died. Ugh I'm so angry. Anyways I spent like $80 on that vest but now I also want this sheer/knit number from Urban Outfitters <3

Dinner @ Japanese & BRIGHT N TIGHT

Happy Birthday to ME!
So I had my birthday party(ies) this weekend <3. Kamei Royale downtown which was just up from the Hyatt, since cactus club had a wait for 2 to 3 hours!!! Then had a slightly larger get together in the hotel room with a bright n tight theme. Yay sweet 17!

Dinner Outfit
Top - Sirens, Skirt - AA, Cardigan - Kensie (Aritzia)

Party Outfit

Cardigan - Kensie (Aritzia), Lame Tube Bra - AA, Lame Hair Band - AA

So I couldn't find very good outfit pictures from my camera but that's the gist of it really, sorta bright and pretty tight. I'm trying to upload pictures of what some of my friends wore but it won't let me. I'll try again later maybe on a new post and try to get some pics of my presents :). AH, nevermind. My camera died so I'll be on hold for a bit until I get it to work again, get a new one but I'll probably just use my cousins camera.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

its mah birthday AH-ha ha ha ha (think the Hills/heidi)

k so my birthday party is tonight, dinner at cactus club and then bright n tight at the hotel. Tons of pictures will be uploaded after the weekend. Sorry for being a horrible blogger and thanks for reading! <3 Be back soon!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have 3 H&M's

I'm pissing my pants in excitement. There are now 3 H&M's within about 30 minutes of my house! I haven't gone to the Pacific Centre one but I need to soon. It's supposedly the biggest one in Canada or something. WOOT. It's 12,000 Square Feet and has two levels <3. I need to go soon. The opening was today but it was at noon and there was le school, and no one was willing to skip with me. LOL. Yeah, I'd put my education on the line for a store opening...Anyways I bought a buttload of stuff last week from the lougheed one and I probably will be putting down another few hundred dollars when I get to the new H&M...especially since my birthday is really soon and I'm hoping to get lots of shopping money. Hehe. Pictures of my new purchases will be up as soon as I'm un-lazy.

marc jacubz

la la la. I've been une horrible blogger, anyways I've seen those interview magazine pictures of marc jacobs EVERYWHERE. So I decided to add my two cents. I don't have much to say but I think it's pretty cool that he wore heels. He designs them, he might as well be able to wear some. Anyways I just wanted to say how much he looks like BOB BLUMER!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


life is super busy, the weather is amazing and I've gone to the beach the last two days and I'm probably wanting to go again tomorrow...LOL. Anyways I'll start up probably next week when I'm less busy and I get better outfits since I need to go summer shopping anyways!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So just ranting about Georgina! SHES SUCH A BITCH! I liked her fendi bag at the beginning but gaaaah stab stab


Waiting for the mail....

So I'm waiting for the mail to come because I ordered some feathers off ebay! I'm so excited. That means I can start working on the Marchesa dress I'm trying to knock off for my birthday dinner :). Oh if I could only afford the real thing. My dress won't be quite the same since it will be a shorter, bubble dress (I bought it from Urban Behaviour for $15) and I''m just going to put the feathers on under this sheer-ish fabric which I will also turn into a bow. I'm excited. I hope it turns out pretty decent haha.

Prada Fairy Bag

They've been around for a while and at first I thought they were hideous little things but after looking through them I've fallen madly in-love. They're gorgeous in a weird, whimsical, imaginary-world, ugly/pretty way. Many celebs are being spotted wearing the coveted bag and theres supposedly a huge waiting list for one. I could decide to save up for one once I get back to work and I could probably get it after a few months of work...I think the price tag for the smaller, white ones are around 2200 or so (something I could afford as long as I don't spend a penny for like 6 months...HAHA and beg my parents like there's no tomorrow). Okay nevermind, I can't really "afford" it in the sense I know it will only be around for fall and by next spring everyone will be stashing theirs in the back of their closets. I, at 16, with a tiny pay-check cannot afford to do that. I need to be able to buy a bag and use it for 10 years +...haha. I'm really contemplating in investing a classic black leather bag, I love the balenciaga motorcycle bags still. I don't think I'll ever get over them haha. Anyways until I get back to work, I will simply keep dreaming about these lovely purses.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I hate, hate, hate these sunglasses. Okay I don't give two craps if Kanye wears them, cause he pretty much popularized them, but when people walk around the street wearing those stupid pieces of plastic that shouldn't even be called sunglasses, I lose my mind. Especially when they act all cool and shit. I want to take it from their faces and then shove it down their throats...K, I'm done.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Red Scarf

Scarf - DIY, T - Abercrombie, Skirt - James Perse, Tights - HUE, Platforms - Aldo

So school today, english quiz, I've been really sleepy. AH. My family left me to stay at home since they went to watch iron man and I already did so I'll probably start to watch the bee movie after I post and get into my comfy Pj's. This is what I wore today ..bla bla bla. I remember seeing Everybody'sugly's outfit with the big pink scarf and tried it out but with a big red scarf aka a big red piece of cloth I found in my box of cloth and shtuff. Anyways this is my lame attempt and don't look anything near as great as her outfit did, haha lawlz. I look dumb in the pictures lol, I was sleepy and taking pictures while trying to watch tv and look cool. I want a green tea frappuccino sooooooo bad right now...haha random.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

agent provocateur

Those stockings/tights are fucking sick. I wish I could be less of a chicken and walk into agent provocateur since we have one here in Vancouver...and am I even allowed in it since I'm only 16? HAHA. Oh my

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I must have it...the title on Ebay said so.

I really really really want those oxford flat things (L). They're really cheap but I don't know if they would make my legs look look stumpy or whatever or if my parentals will allow me to buy something off ebay...thoughts?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Singing Aggy

Check out this video: Who

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Agyness Deyn is singing! It's actually not that bad and she sounds so adorable. I like the's now on repeat hehe


I love all the huge necklaces and bracelets and rings...I could go on forever. I love BIG! and Oversized :). I'm trying to find some sort of necklace like the ones in my collage to wear with my black bubble dress for my birthday. If not I'm going to try and knockoff that Marchesa feather dress I posted before. I'm excited, I'm in the works of finding feathers to buy on ebay..hehe.
Pictures :

Cruel Shoes? Aw

So I was ... I actually don't even remember what I was doing, but I came across this article, which was actually written in October 2007, talking about cruel shoes. Some of the shoes didn't look too painful and I believe I, being as clumsy as I am, could probably walk in them. They even included my beloved Chloe's on the list. Anyways do you think they look quite painful? Would you still wear these if they were?

These shoes on the otherhand (from the same article) look like they cold break my ankles in half and then step on them as I lie on the floor dying.

Shoes : Chloe, Miu Miu, Nina Ricci, Alexander McQueen. The pictures were from the article which was from

Chizzurch & Japanese Foodz

I like to ruin the English language...
Anyways here was the outfit I wore to church except without the trench because I forgot to take pictures of those. Yes, I also wore my brown belt...again. I'm in love!

Grey Vest Thing - Urban Behaviour, Green Top - Club Monaco, Leggings - TNA/Aritzia, Wedges - Payless, Belt - Gap

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Iron Man!

So I watched Iron Man today (technically yesterday since I watched it on saturday..) and my life is officially complete. I'm in love and I'm also quite fat...(fatter) since I ate a bunch of delicious dark chocolate (L). I am also in love Robert Downey Jr. even though he was a drug addict/alchy...I don't care. I think he's amazingly gorgeous and I plan to marry....someone that looks like him some day. HAH! I wore my new belt again to the movies, it has become my favourite accessory. Anyways I was planning to make some sort of collage but since I'm on my laptop and I'm extra lazy I'm just going to put pictures of me standing in my messy living room, up.

Skirt - American Apparel, Beater - TNA/Aritzia, Blazer - Gap, Tights - HUE/The Bay, Necklace - Target, Shoes - Old Navy, Belt - Gap

Friday, May 2, 2008

Braided Belts & Chloe

So shopping today avec familia. Like how I just butchered abour 3 languages there in one sentence? Hehe. Anyways went to zee mall and got these lovely Nine West heels which sort of remind me of the colour scheme of the chloe booties. I also got the braided belt from Gap which I am wearing in the pictures but I actually just used this vintage men's leather belt.

This is what I wore yesterday to go to my tutor...very, very, lazy day.
Jeans - Off the Wall, Skull Tee - Zara, Hoodie - Tna/Aritzia, Extra Messy Room - DIY! Haha

I wore this out today when I went shopping and to eat some Greek Food, my favourite (L). I actually wore this with a cropped jacket and red quilted bag from the thirft store.
Skirt - James Perse/Holt Renfrew, Tee - Men's V-neck from Urban Outfitters, Belt - Gap, Shoes - Old Navy, Hairband (that you can't quite see) - Urban Outfitters, Ultra Sheer Tights - The Bay

These are the lovely new shoes I bought today. Well they're mine and my little cousin's...they're for her grad but we all know I'm going to wear the heck outta those bad boys too.

Men's Plaid Shirt

So I finally got myself a men's plaid shirt from American Eagle. I love the material, it feel so buttery and smooth...yeah I'm weird hahaha. Anyways I couldn't find a red/grey one but I did find a lovely blue one which I wore with leggings, black boots and vintage brown belt. I should have worn brown boots but I was already out of the house by then...oh well! He'res some pictures of the pattern but I didn't get one of the whole outfit cause I forgot to take one.