Wednesday, April 30, 2008


K so I finally got around to taking pictures of my "new" shoes from Old Navy. They were such a deal I had to buy 2 pairs, hehe. Anyways I've also included pictures of these feathered hair accessories from Urban Outfitters, my leather jacket I scrounged up from my aunt's closet and my huge patent yellow tote from Superstore. Also...presenting my new laptop...on my extremely messy desk haha.

I plan to wear those sandals and stuff with the new socks I bought from this sock sale from The Bay! They're kind of painful though so I might remember to bring some flats when I have to walk to the bus stop haha. Sucks not being able to drive....

Monday, April 28, 2008


So my lovely parentals have given me a laptop! Well half of one anyways. I have to pay for half and they'll pay for the other half as long as I keep doing well in school. Woohoo! Anyways since I have this new badboy I believe I shall be making more updates! I took some outfit pictures except my hair looked HORRIBLE in them so I'm not putting them up because I'm shallow. Haha.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Socks and Sandals

So I've done the whole tights and sandals, leggings and sandals thing but ankle-ish socks and sandals? I think they look amazing on other people...*cough* tall people *cough* but it might make my short little legs look choppy. Anyways I shall be trying out the trend tomorrow since I love wearing sandals when its still a bit too cold out for my toes hehe. PLUS! Theres a tights and sock sale at the bay..yeah seriously..I'm excited and looking quite forward to the sock sale. HAH.
btw...I suck at paint collages...

New outfits soon!

I promise to try to get a nice big fat post tomorrow since my cousin has agreed to play dress up with me and take outfit photos...maybe not agreed more like bribed since I surprised her with some starbucks treats when I got home from shopping.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So as soon as I saw Kate Bosworth wear this paint splattered t-shirt by D&G I immediately wanted something like it. But since the price tag is set at $550, and I obviously do not have that kind of money to shell out on something my 5-year old neighbour could make...I plan to make one myself!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh Mariah!

Oh Mariah, you have an amazing voice but you ought to fire that stylist of yours! That person shouldn't even be called a stylist, they constantly put you in an assortment of form-fitting things topped off with a bomber in various colours. Props for the lovely leather jacket though


Florals Galore

(click to see bigger version, I hope!)
Sorry, you must already know that I am quite blog slow. These are some of my favourite florals on the runway and some of the "cheaper" items thrown in too. Like most of you fashionistas out there, I am also being seduced by the floral trend. It's a pretty loud statement at most times but when done right, it's amazing. I'm hoping to get some more floral fabric from the store since I have my new sewing machine!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vancouver Fashion Week 2008

So Vancouver fashion week was held the past weekend. I, quite stupid and most likely underage, did not have any first hand experience with the event. I was surpised about how a lot of the pieces were quite wearable in the everyday world, but nothing really jumped out at me screaming amazing! Tiger of Sweden was one of my favourites and I did like a lot of the menswear. I also saw a lot of gothic inspired pieces but I wasn't so into them. Hopefully next year they'll have more designers...and I'll try to get my rents to bring me since from what I've read, it was open to the public :)
NOTE: Only Vancouver Fashion Week was open to the public. The pictures I posted from Tiger of Sweden are from BC Fashion week which is not public. Sorry!
Tiger of Sweden Fall 2008

Really simple and similar to 2007 styles but I guess why mess with a good thing? I just wasn't really wowed, that's all.

I'm also falling for that slouchy-hood look. Some from the runways :

Not this casual but I'm quite keen to finding something with that drapey/cape/hood effect.

AH! Plaid romper, if it didn't have the weird thing on the back...and I had longer legs I would totally try this look :

& I love her necklace. I have a new fetish for feathers !


Sunday, April 20, 2008

busy bee!

K so I've had a pretty busy weekend! I still need to show everyone my new buys and talk about vancouver fashion week! Even though it isn't as great as all the other ones, it's probably as close as I'll get to a fashion week. Try to get back soon! (I never knew how hard blogging was, thanks for reading and commenting so far you guys!)

Friday, April 18, 2008


So me and my pig of a bestfriend went downtown and shopped til we got hungry...and then overate like maniacs at Red Robins! I had a lovely burger with mushrooms (L) then she made me eat her fish from her fish and chips and I was really full since I ... well uh had about 2 glasses of freckled lemonade and about 3 potatoes worth of french fries? Kay... maybe just one but they're so filling. As we were complaining about how we weren't going to fit into our new clothes...we asked for the dessert menu. We then ate a lovely brownie sundae and then fell over and died. HAHA. Just kidding. Tons of shopping was done and since my camera is charged I shall be posting all of my brand new finds since last week! Bon weekend toute le monde!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm absolutely in-love with the feather/fringe etc trend going on right now. I honestly wish I had the funds for this (ON SALE!) Marchesa dress...and an occasion for it too.
Ughh. Still another Lord of the Flies annoyance. I have another essay along with a poster explaining the themes in the book. I'm going to lie and tell my teacher I'm currently working on it. But the reason why I didn't do it would probably be....because I'm going to superstore for some groceries and you know what's there. Joe Fresh Style!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Evil Eliptical trainer

So I went on the dreaded eliptical trainer for the first time 2 months. Oh my. I'm trying to figure out ways to want to work out and even the promises of being a leaner, more toned me isn't enough. There is one thing that will get me back on that stupid half-treadmill, half-bicycle, one hundred percent stupid invention that is called an eliptical trainer...Stella McCartney for Adidas. I know it's been awhile since she's come out with that collection but I still love every little bit of it.
Some of my favourites:

I wish I played tennis...well I did. I just stopped *blush

Gorgeous, I would even wear it when I wasn't working out.

I really, really, really want to get these. They don't even look very work-out wear-y. I could think of at least a dozen different summery outfits for those red shorts. But for $70 I'm a bit iffy.

12:45 am

So I'm up at 12:45 am finishing my stupid essay. I finished at 11 but decided to read some Marie Claire before finising up my good copy. So the idiot I am forgot to create a new paragraph and indent for my second section and it was handwritten. I am not hoping that my teacher will accept this printed...he probably will but I'm just paranoid. AH. So to make this fashion related :
Tomorrow I plan to wear -

  • Wide-leg jeans ( I just found them in my closet the other day, I got them from Dorothy Perkins when I went to the Philippines this summer)
  • Oversized Beige Tee with a purple Lion on it from ON
  • Black leather platforms with brown heel OR Brown and Gold wedges from Payless
  • Brown Leather belt
  • Long Gold chain with some kind of pendant

I think it sounds like a good outfit. Anyways I'm yearning for this quite reasonably priced leather tote from LL Bean. I hope my parentals will allow me to order something online!

I should probably finish up that essay now...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Essay VS Vintage Hunting

I HATE SCHOOOL! I'm feeling quite lazy and do not feel like doing my stupid essay at all. I would obviously take vintage clothing hunting at my local thrift shops but my inner nerd is telling me to get onto working on my essay. On a good note, I did get a little coupon from eccotique salon for 10% off my next hair cut...which will probably be around september haha. I want to let my hair grow :(, I also got a coupon for $1 off all beauty products. I think I shall be visiting the salon soon!


Vintage Galore! Hmmm...

6 more days!

6 more days until my favourite fashionistas are back on! I'm uber excited with all the new drama, new outfits!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What a tease!

Chloe why must you tease me with such gorgeous, gorgeous shoes. It said it was only $460 in Marie Claire but on every site I've gone to so far it's been $700+. Oh how I wish I could afford you! My new mission is now to find a look-a-like. Hopefully Aldo will have one soon! Hehe.
Links :

Heidiwood; GAG

I don't think her line will be very successful. It all looks like cheap, sirens/stitches stuff. There's not much originality either. I'm not saying that Lauren's is waaay better, but it's just that Heidi shouldn't have made it so...trashy. I think the BEST thing out of everything is the thing I always see her wearing when making appearances, that zebra tank. Even she doesn't want to wear her own stuff. Haha. Just kidding. But really. It's not very nice. I don't even think she tried to go to any fashion classes and I heard she dropped out when she tried. :S

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Church & Dimsum!!1!

Church today and then went out for dimsum. Then went to bestbuy & future shop to look around for a new laptop! Yaya. Wore my new aldo platforms (L). I love them. I look like an idiot though..with my ugly chin pimple! *sigh. Anyways. I now can take better pictures thanks to my petite cousine who is now my official photographer. Yay.

Dinner & a Movie

Went to dinner and a movie w/ BFF and her friend and her friend's friend.
It was amazing weather yesterday. I was going to wear some beach-y cut-off's but I was going to be out until late after the movie so I didn't want to wait in the cooler weather in shorts. Ate at red's and then watched Smart People [wasn't too bad but it kind of had a weird...lacking ending.] and 21 [love love loved it! Kate Bosworth is amazing!]
Striped Top - Zara, Leggings - Lululemon, Sandals - Roberto Vianni (Sterling). I also wore my black Wilfred trench over this because I got a bit cold.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My new baby

These are my new Whatever. Wedges. They're quite high and I'm not really used to walking in such high shoes but thank goodness they're wedges. I also got a pair of Roberto Vianni or whatever sandals from Sterling. I think I'll be wearing those today! The only bad thing is that I got the size up because I didn't feel like stretching out the leather on my own and now they're waaay too big and must go exchange them now for the smaller size. Oops.

I plan to wear these with black skinnies or leggins with flowy tops. And with tights under floral dresses paired with that leather jacket I'm waiting to fit into! Ten pounds, ten pounds!


I love the new stuff by Marimekko at H&M. I must visit soon, I wonder when the downtown one opens. I feel pretty lucky since I have 2 H&Ms only around a 30 minute commute away.

Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008

My simple little outfit today with tons of layering. Hardy har. I'm still horrible at taking pictures of myself to show the outfits since I also suck at mirror pictures...I need to get that new set of mirrors up soon. I'm so lazy!

april 11 #1
Me trying to take a picture up above
My Lovely, but dirty boots & Me trying to do another "from above" picture
Cardigan - Kensie for Aritzia, Crochet Tank - Wilfred, Grey Dress - American Eagle, Leather Boots - Aldo

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm blog stupid

K so since I don't want to waste this blog...I'm going to put a wishlist for Spring.

I love this dress. I think the white would make me look a little frumpy but theres a navy one too, so I think I'll get that one.

I know it's men's but women never have cute enough plaid stuff. I'll probably just alter it as soon as I get my new sewing machine!

I love the other gladiator ones that childhoodflame and fashiontoast have but I love the tougher kind of thing going on with these. If I have the money I'll probably try and get both, though.

Polyvore + Driving

I'm addicted to polyvore.
(Yes I know I'm making soo many entries right now..haha)

I went on my first driving lesson today. I'm in love. My 'rents are in the talking abouts of getting me a car! I'm so freakin' pumped!

April 10, 2008


I feel fat. The jean's are such an odd cut, I don't know. Maybe that's why they were in the outlets. *sigh*. K I'll stop blaming the jeans...I blame lasagna.

Vest - Vintage, T - Urban Outfitters, Jeans - Guess, Shoes - 80%20, Necklace -Target, Bangles-Urban Outfitters


I'm absolutely lusting after this t-shirt. It's so simple but you can't really find it anywhere else. Unfortunately it's $253...American. So I have no idea what it's going to run me at Holts..probably around the vicinity of...say $300? Sucks to be Canadian! ...when shopping. I love Canada :). I'm still paying off my parents a hefty amount of around $230 and since I'm not making any money right now (darn Canucks!) I am quite poor. But I ain't complaining, I do love my Wilfred Trench. I shall post pictures of my newest baby soon! After my first driving lesson that is! I'm excited.