Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HK !!!

These are my outfits for the past few days. I just wore a pink summer dress with a black cardigan today so nothing too picture worthy. Plus I added some tourist-y pictures haha
This was when we first got to Hong Kong. It was a 13.5 hour flight and I look like a mess haha. I'm wearing a kensie for aritzia cardigan, white crochet cami under a neon yellow wilfred pocket tank with american apparel leggings.

At the avenue of stars. Jackie Chan's handprints! hehe
At the hotel's fountain waiting for the tour bus
In a temple. I'm wearing a white american eagle top with green american eagle shorts. Yeah real original. It's just so freaking hot and humid if I didn't wear thin, loose clothes I'd be even more of a huge sweat ball.
Going onto a sampan boat for a tour of the fisherman's village.
At Mo Man Temple.

Anyways I just went shopping today and got tons of cute stuff so I'll remember to take pictures of what I bought and post them up as soon as possible. I'm off to Macau tomorrow for a day trip, hope I can find some great bargains! And if you know of any great places to shop in Hong Kong or Vietnam please do tell me! It'd be greatly appreciated! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

better posts coming soooN!

Hello blog readers, thank you for reading my blog and giving me such nice comments. Anyways I have my summer school final tomorrow and then I will be DONE DONE DONE! I am beyond estatic. Then I will be off to asia with my family for about a month.

Anyways I was thinking of getting this skirt from American Apparel since I wear my James Perse one to death! And I needed one to replace/use instead of that one all the time. I'm kind of iffy getting something right before I leave especially since I know I will be doing tons of shopping there. I'm also not going to enjoy the fact that so many asians are sooooo tiny and I am...not. A lot of the bargain shopping is usually one size fits all and my boobs and I are not part of this "all". I think I might just save my money on key fall pieces if I don't find a lot of great things in the little markets.
This is my James Perse skirt and I love it to bits, its so versatile...I think I want to get another one...I tend to buy 2's and 3's of things I love haha. But it says its $120 on the site...I got mine for $64 on sale at holt renfrew..hehe I'm def going to wait for a sale again

Monday, July 21, 2008

July 19, 2008

Cardigan - somewhere in the philippines, tank - urban behaviour, shorts - american eagle, flip flops - havaianas, bag - dooney & bourke
Went to my friend's party. Wore...lazy clothes and the tribal print tank from urban behaviour.
HAHA. Please don't mind the pose lol. Sorry, I know my pictures are pretty bad since I'm so lazy to take nicer outfit shots at home. I'll probably get more outfit posts as soon as I'm on vacation since I'll always be out and stuff. Thanks for all the nice comments and for visiting my blog! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

new stuff! yayya

This is why I'm so busy! Hahaha I'm trying to pack for my family vacation to Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines (where I'm from) and it's taking forever. I want to take everything!Aren't these absolutely adorable! It's weird showing you all...but those are my new underwear...haha. I love them, especially the frilly ones heheI bought this book at chapters yesterday, I read the first few pages and it wasn't too bad plus it said an international best seller...if anyone has read it please give me some reviews! Actually just good ones since I dont want to not read it haha.
These three tops I got from Urban Behaviour. 50% off baby! Anyways I think I'm going to bring them on my trip...still deciding.
Tee hee, I got these pyjama shorts at Jacob. They fit a bit tight around the bum so I might give them to my aunt but I really like them :(. I love the brown dots and the pink satin ribbon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

tuesday july 15th, 2008

My day pretty much consisted of my friends danielle and abby, getting a hair cut, eating at mcdonalds, the guy dropping my ice cream and walking home followed by taking "artistic pictures" in my yard. It was a good day today <3.My outfit for the day! Haha I was lazy, we just went to the nearest mall to get haircuts. I wore my v-neck wilfred top, green american eagle shorts and white havaianas.
Me and danielle being artistic and posing lol.
Those are my new contacts! I don't want to be a stereotypical filipino girl getting a bright colour. I'd like to hear what you think about them. They're actually "amethyst" but I think they look more brownish on my eyes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Dress - Urban Behaviour, Tank - Wilfred, Sandals - Seduction

This is what I wore to church and then to eat lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Yum yum. My hair is doing that weird curly thing, yuck. I'm going out again tonight for my friend's birthday dinner so I will probably have another outfit post! :P

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9

Those shorts are so ug. I don't think I'm going to wear them out anymore. They make my crotch look so weird. :S...aiya. Anyways that is what I wore today. I think I'm going to change if I go out since those shorts bother the heck outta me. But I do love the shirt, it's black and has a zipper <3 Vest - Wilfred Zipper T - Wilfred Shorts - Superstore Silver Gladiators - Stiches Headband - H&M

Note - so I decided to take these pictures out in the yard and I got bit like 5 times..I was only there a few minutes :(

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mes Souliers

So um instead of studying I decided to take pictures of ALL my shoes (excluding ones I couldn't get from behind the water heater where my aunt stores a lot of shoes and my flip flops). So I hope you appreciate my shoe collection which is still I get more moola! Haha. [Side note - GAH I tried to upload them here from the blogger uploading thing and it wouldn't. I'm going to kick something. Anyways...waiting for my pictures to loooad

Why do I have so many runners/sneakers. I don't even work out that much. HAHA.
(From Top. L-R. Adidas, Nike, Adidas, Adidas, 80%20, Vans, Puma, Nike (these are really cute they're green and pink :)!!!), Nike, Vans)

Do you like my fat toes? Haha! I have a lot of black flats...You could say I'm addicted. I had more but I can't find some and my aunt just gave some to charity the other week and I still used them. Thanks for asking....
(From top. L-R. Red Flats - Superstore, Black Snakeskin Flats - Costa Blanca, White Flats w/ Bow - Some store in Japan, White Flats - Somewhere in the Philippines, Black Satin Flats - Superstore, Black Bow Flats - Costa Blanca,
Bottom : Black Leather Flats - Superstore, Black Bow Flats - Somewhere in the Philippines, Brown Pointy Flats - Dollhouse (from Ross), Silver Twist Flat - Somewhere in the Philippines, Gold Flats - Urban Behaviour, Black Flats - Somewhere in the Philippines.)

I never realized how many gladiator sandals I have..EEP.
Top : Silver Gladiators - Sirens, Brown Gladiators - Seduction, Brown Sparkley - Old Navy
Bottom: White Gladiators - Sirens, Black Sandals - Seduction, White Sandals - Seychelles.
These are the heels/Wedges! Yay. I don't have too much since I'm stil learning how to walk in them without looking like I'm the hunchback of notredame. LAWL.
Top Row - Red Heels - Old Navy, Black Platforms - Aldo, Black and Brown - Old Navy
Middle Row - Brown Sandals - Spring? I think, Black Sandals - Sterling, Brown/Gold - Payless
Bottom - Cream Sandals - Aldo, Black and Grey Heels - Nine West

Top : Aldo, (Yeah I own a pair of Uggs...and a fake pair at that!) Target $15!!!, Brown Flat boots - Urban Behaviour.
Bottom: Haha I made my cousin hold them up :). Black Suede Boots - Payless ($60!!), Black Leather Boots - Aldo <3>
Photobucket banana split with strawberries <3.>

Monday, July 7, 2008

Epitome of Cool

I think she's so gorgeous and she dresses in this weird, gothic, punky but still so stylish way. I love her clothes! Haha. Anyways I'm currently in the process of collecting all my shoes and taking pictures to show you guys...because I haven't been going out lately so no outfit posts. (HAHA I'm one of those losers that stay home all day during summer. Jk. I have online summer school so my 'rents won't let me out ...) Hope you enjoy the collage, be back tomorrow with better stuff..hehe

Saturday, July 5, 2008

mintage sale

So I came in late from work last night and I was quite tired so I woke up pretty late. I was planning to go to the sale around noon or so but my friend calls at 11:15, about an hour after the sale starts, that it sold out in 30 minutes! It must have been some sale! I guess I'll just have to wait til next year and camp out. Hehe

Friday, July 4, 2008


So theres this sale at Mintage (a vintage store in Vancouver) and you buy a bag off of them and then fill it up with as much as you can...ALL FOR FIVE DOLLARS. FIVE DOLLARS!!!! and my parents won't let me out because they're being butt faces. Oh my, what to do...what to do... So if I don't end up going, any of you in Vancouver should go check it out!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long Overdue Recent Purchases

Stud Bracelet - American Eagle
Leather Bracelet - American Eagle
Brown Gladiators - Seduction
Hoodies - TNA (only $55 from $70! becuase of the pre sale :))
White Blouse - American Eagle
Green Blouse - Joe Style (From superstore, my aunt gave it to me because she didn't like the way it looked on her..hehe)
Black Tube Top - Aritzia (I'm going to use this with a bandage skirt to make it look like I own a bandage dress! hehe..I'm cheap)

Here are SOME of my most recent purchases. My neon tank is in the wash and I was too lazy to get my gooey/tar strap looking sandals for an upclose shot. Anyways this is what I bought at the aritzia sale minus the booty shorts I'm going to use for swimming, the neon wilfred pocket tank and the freebies...the towel's in the wash :P.

Elie Saab Fall Couture 2008

Click for closeup
Oh My Goodness. His dresses were to die for. My favourite one is to the far right <3. If I could afford it that would be my prom dress.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My face looks HUGE in these pictures. Anyways instead of studying I'm a dumbass and I've decided to make a long over due post here! This is what I wore to a friends party the other day. I wore an H&M jumper, white cardigan from UB (men's), and sandals from this store called's cheap but I love em. This is my sad, sad, sad attempt at "photo-shopping" HAH. Mk, that is all. Enjoy my bad comp skillz.