Saturday, December 20, 2008

Outfit Last Day of School

Wore this to school, yay last day! It's been FREEEEEZING here. I bought a pair of Uggs just because of the cold and because they feel like heaven on your feet! Sorry for the bad pics, I'm super tired from Christmas shopping and school and ah busy busy! Tomorrow I'm getting my nails done and then going to a Christmas party where we're having secret santa hehe. So def more outfit pics soon cause no school! :)

I'm wearing a Wilfred Tank (underneath) and Cardigan with a Topshop Bow Tank, with AA leggings and Aldo boots (not shown). I loooove this sweater <3 it's new and I just wore it today and it's super warm and I love how it'll go with everything. I'll probably wear this and my uggs to the nail place toms, super comfy yey!

Weird story : So we had our last day of school before holidays and we got sent home early. Why? Cause it's so freakin cold that the pipes froze and if there was a fire the sprinklers wouldn't work or something along those lines :S.


janettaylor said...


Lovely grey cardigan! :)

kisses: Janet

Lydia said...

That sweater actually is SO CUTE! I love the little folds at the...clasp? I can't believe the frozen pipes thing! That's hilarious. And I thought it was cold where I lived!
And I always love reading your posts and especially your comments on my entries!
<3 (encyclo)lydia

Eelie said...

Merely excuses! I'm sure the teachers were just as eager as the kids to leave school for the year lol.

I wish i could've seen more of your smile here, you loo like you'd have an enviously beautiful one :)

Knuspi said...

Totally sweet =)

Song of Style said...

hahahaha that mask is just adoarble!!!

JEYQ said...

ohmyGAH it was soooo freaking cold here today. and wtf who said it was supposed to get cold in texas? psshhh. haha hope you're enjoying your break =]

May Kasahara said...

that outfit is awesome - I LOVE The greys and navys.