Tuesday, September 30, 2008

100th POST!

YAYA. I made it. I can't believe it. I slowed down, well at the moment I'm still really slow but I made it to 100 :). Yay me. Anyways to celebrate the fact, I made a lovely little collage of Ashley Olsen. She's so amazingly cool and, Idk. She's just my favourite. Thanks for all the support of you readers and for visiting ! Please come back soon as I will have more outfit posts and little collages/boards up in no time :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

me and my friends are cool (L)

99th! one more till 100! yayaya. Anyways went shopping again today. I got a Wilfred cardigan, this gorgeous skirt from superstore and this lovely bracelet from Old Navy. I only have pictures of the bracelet though, I forgot to take pictures of the other stuff haha.
This is the bracelet I got from Old Navy <3 It's so big and chunky I love it.

HAHA. Just me and my friend michelle cam-whoring it up. Be thankful I didn't post the ones of us with distorted faces thanks to the genius invention of YouCam <3. Oh yeah that's my film camera, we were just being nerdy with it since I couldn't focus very well in the dark and I didn't want to waste my film haha

You can't really see what I'm wearing but I wore a Wilfred Skirt, Kesie Cardigan, Wilfred Tee, H&M tights and ...white havaianas haha.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I'm relaly dumb and I actually wore makeup today so I wouldn't have any excuse not to take an outfit photo but then I forgot...crap! HAha. ANyways I'm going shopping tomorrow, not much though since I have poooooooooor. These are the dresses I want to wear for my grad. I'm going to remake them though since these are Marchesa and I do not have $3000 for a dress HAHA. I wanted to remake it for my birthday a few months ago but I ordered the feathers and they came so late :( so I just wore something else. I'm deciding whether I want to do the feather one or the ruffle one or just totally make something on my own. I was deciding to use the same concept and use crinoline...idk how to spell that haha well thats what spell check said, i bet it's not even the right word. Anyways I just need to buy a tue dress and then start working on it. I'm really excited. I'm planning to get some Louboutins or something if my parents are going to give me money since I'm not going to get an expensive prom dress. HAHA. I really hope I get some money for some killer shoes atleast :)

Friday, September 19, 2008


I really love my blog but it's just so hard to take pictures and updating often when I'm really bad at juggling my life HAHA. So...just a short sorry. There will be more outfits soon. Also if anyone has any suggestions on making my blog more interesting, cause I've noticed theres lots of creepers who don't comment :(. Don't be scared! I love getting comments and I answer them all as soon as I can :D

Monday, September 15, 2008

Some of my "recent" purchases. lull

These are my recent purchases, just a few, from Asia. But these are my most favourite pieces <3

I couldn't not buy this shirt. It was way too cute to pass up. It was a bit pricey though at around $35 CND. This was bought at Mango, MNG Jeans.
These are my little oxford bootie-type shoes. They're absolutely amazing and adorable and I have yet to wear them since it's suddenly gotten hotter here in Vancouver and I'm still dressing summery :) These were a deal at only $28 CND

This is a French Connection little jacket, thing. I love it, it's so cute and I love pronounced, pretty exposed zippers <3. I forget how much this was. I bought it in Hong Kong...wait I think it was around $40 CND
These are my Chloe knock off's from a Philippine department store. Shoes are dirt cheap there. These were around $20 CND. I love them but they're a bit hard to walk in.

These I bought in Canada from Aldo. They're so comfortable and gorgeous and I can't wait to wear them more once fall rolls along. (I'm not wearing a lot of these since I'm holding on to summer and extending the wear of my sandals hehe). These boots were $140 but I have my trusty SPC card and got them for $140 flat with tax and a leather protector, hehe. It's like I didn't pay for the leather protector and tax, lolzorz.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

just a quickie!

I just came home from my friend's birthday party which was goood. Just posting my outfit!

Tank - Wilfred, Cardigan - Kensie for Aritzia, Skirt - Aritzia, Shoes - From the Philippines
These are the shoes that are pretty much chloe knock offs <3 I love them but they're a bit hard to walk in.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I've been wearing for...the past 2 days. woopee

I didn't go to school on Monday and Tuesday since I was sick and so I only have 2 days of outfits. I should've put makeup on or something. My face looks so boring. ANYWAYS. I have a Law quiz tomorrow, should probably study that since I most likely BOMBED my History Test. I went back and changed something which i shouldn't have!

Brown Tank - American Eagle, Pink Blouse - Philippines, Jeans - Philippines, Heels - Old Navy

T - Urban Outfitter Men's, Shorts - American Eagle, Shoes - Stitches, Vest - Hong Kong

This is gonna be a short post. I'm freakin' hot, I just wanna lie down and relax before I have to think of that dreaded quiz tomorrow. Hurrah.... Oh yeah I got a hair cut! Well I gave it to myself haha, its better seen in the first outfit since I tied it up all swedish style since it was too hot to keep it down.

Monday, September 8, 2008

at home sick

I spent today sleeping and watching my season dvd of the Simpsons. I also decided to make a collage of some of my fall picks instead of working on the homework I missed. HAH. I'm so gonna graduate......

These are my fall picks that I can actually (possibly, if I don't get into more debt with my parents than I already am hah!) afford :)

Boots - Minnetonka - $89
Crochet Blous - Urban Outfitters $29.99
Boys Blazer - Urban Outfitters - $58
Black and Grey Skirt - Old Navy - $24
Boots - Payless - $60
(I think..haha I tried to check the site but they're down right now..aiya)

I'm in love with those boots, I don't remember who they're by...I think it was Alice + Olivia. Maybe. I hope I can find them in stores, too bad they're suede though, I'd get them dirty in like 2 days. In love with that Crochet blouse, I really want it! Anyways hopefully an outfit post tomorrow since I'll be getting back to school and have an outfit that's not consisting of sweat pants and t-shirts :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

holy cats! BRBZ

So back to school. I've got so much going on. with worries about universities, making time for friends and trying to beat that guy who got the academic award last year plus fitting in a fashion blog....I've gotten sick. Like literally sick. So I am going on a short hiatus. I'll be creepin' around your guys' blogs to keep up with all the happenings but I'm just way to lazy and tired and uninspired at the moment to take pictures of my outfit in my fat, post-vacation body. I told myself to lose the extra weight..instead I had a bunch of pizza for dinner. It was delicious and worth every calorie! HAHA. So I'll leave you with outfits I wore polyvore style...since I forgot to take pictures.

This is what I wore to the first day of school. HAH. I'm so overdressed all the time.

Wore this on the second day of school. I OBVIOUSLY did not wear a Roberto Cavalli mini dress. This was just the shirt that had the most similar pattern haha.

This is what I wore today...essentially. My sweater dress had shorter sleeves though and wasn't as expensive as Acne. It was French Connection.

That's pretty much what you've been missing...except in uglier versions since all these are the designer stuff hehe. Be back soon when I get my little cousin to start being my little photographer again! + when I get better from this cold and figure out how to manage my busy life which I cannot handle with a blog. For all those girls that keep up your blogs under much more difficult circumstances than I have to deal with, I give you props (Y).

Btw. I'm really in love with my new brown boots from aldo <3 I need to get another pair of boots since I wear them like crazy during fall winter. Still have to take pictures of all my shoppings from asia!