Monday, January 19, 2009


Hey guys I'm SO SO SO SO SO sorry about neglecting the blog. Life has been super hectic and I'm in the middle of exams right now...sorta well I'm studying for them and I have no time for anything :( I'm just a little hermit spending all my days studying in my room and complaining about life. This means : no good outfits (I've been wearing sweats and uggs...noice), no time to post nice things and no time to comment on all your great blogs! I'll be back next week! I promise. I'll be done with exams on the 27th then I'm free the rest of the week! YAY! That depends if I take the history provincial because then I'll have no school the whole week hehe but I should probably take it .... lol.

I leave you with some super attractive pics of me and a nice little peace sign cause I actually did my make up for once! LOL.

BTW (that ghost looking thing in the background of the fisheye photo is my friend michelle, and she's laughing her ass off at how I look. LOL)