Friday, September 5, 2008

holy cats! BRBZ

So back to school. I've got so much going on. with worries about universities, making time for friends and trying to beat that guy who got the academic award last year plus fitting in a fashion blog....I've gotten sick. Like literally sick. So I am going on a short hiatus. I'll be creepin' around your guys' blogs to keep up with all the happenings but I'm just way to lazy and tired and uninspired at the moment to take pictures of my outfit in my fat, post-vacation body. I told myself to lose the extra weight..instead I had a bunch of pizza for dinner. It was delicious and worth every calorie! HAHA. So I'll leave you with outfits I wore polyvore style...since I forgot to take pictures.

This is what I wore to the first day of school. HAH. I'm so overdressed all the time.

Wore this on the second day of school. I OBVIOUSLY did not wear a Roberto Cavalli mini dress. This was just the shirt that had the most similar pattern haha.

This is what I wore today...essentially. My sweater dress had shorter sleeves though and wasn't as expensive as Acne. It was French Connection.

That's pretty much what you've been missing...except in uglier versions since all these are the designer stuff hehe. Be back soon when I get my little cousin to start being my little photographer again! + when I get better from this cold and figure out how to manage my busy life which I cannot handle with a blog. For all those girls that keep up your blogs under much more difficult circumstances than I have to deal with, I give you props (Y).

Btw. I'm really in love with my new brown boots from aldo <3 I need to get another pair of boots since I wear them like crazy during fall winter. Still have to take pictures of all my shoppings from asia!


pinup_girl said...

Wow! I wish my school outfits looked like those! You have great style!

Imelda said...

Lovely schooloutfits!
Hope you'll be posting again soon!

Diva said...

Great outfits.

pinktuutuu said...

love the bow hairband! lovely!

thanks for dropping by my blog