Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I'm researching schools and I finally decided to "let loose" and do the "un-asian" thing and major in Fashion-something, I'm really looking in Fashion Merchandising or being a Fashion Buyer. I'm currently looking at Blanche Macdonald and John Casablancas here in Vancouver. I got a call today from Blanche Macdonald and I'm going to be visiting the campus this Friday. I'm soooo freakin' excited.

Who else is going to school and taking fashion based courses? How is it? Fun?

I'm also planning to go to FIDM or Parsons to further my education in the future. If you guys have any advice or tips for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. I know the fashion industry is competitive and doesn't have a whole lot of jobs but I know that I'm passionate enough about it that I'll be happy with any job in the fashion world.

ALSO : What should I wear ? I need to dress to impress! Haha, I'll probably wear my typical "uniform" of some sort of dress or skirt with tights and boots/heels with my zara coat.


jaime said...

aww thank you sweetie! good luck with your whole fashion school process! and i love your style :)

Stephanie said...

Sweet blog! Have so much fun Friday :-)

Thanks for stopping by leChic and leaving me a comment :-) I'm so glad Alexander Wang won- I totally agree: he deserves it so much, he's got SO much talent it's genius!

Katoushka said...

I'm exctied for you! I'm currently a junior in HS and am thinking about majoring in Fachion Marketing&Merchandising.

Good luck(:

Katoushka said...


Apparently I can't even spell 'Fashion'.

beccajanie said...

GOod luck with that! I'd love to take the online fashion merchandising course from Parsons - it sounds so interesting!

InstantVintage said...


I'd say that you should take advantage of everything your school has to offer (like internships and things like that). The industry loves people with experience so make sure you make time to get it in between studies. FIDM has a great internship program, so if you go there, make use of it. =)