Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vancouver Fashion Week 2008

So Vancouver fashion week was held the past weekend. I, quite stupid and most likely underage, did not have any first hand experience with the event. I was surpised about how a lot of the pieces were quite wearable in the everyday world, but nothing really jumped out at me screaming amazing! Tiger of Sweden was one of my favourites and I did like a lot of the menswear. I also saw a lot of gothic inspired pieces but I wasn't so into them. Hopefully next year they'll have more designers...and I'll try to get my rents to bring me since from what I've read, it was open to the public :)
NOTE: Only Vancouver Fashion Week was open to the public. The pictures I posted from Tiger of Sweden are from BC Fashion week which is not public. Sorry!
Tiger of Sweden Fall 2008

Really simple and similar to 2007 styles but I guess why mess with a good thing? I just wasn't really wowed, that's all.

I'm also falling for that slouchy-hood look. Some from the runways :

Not this casual but I'm quite keen to finding something with that drapey/cape/hood effect.

AH! Plaid romper, if it didn't have the weird thing on the back...and I had longer legs I would totally try this look :

& I love her necklace. I have a new fetish for feathers !



Sabrina said...

It was open to the public? For a Vancouver fashion blogger I really am completely 100% out of touch with the fashion industry here. Hmm I'll make more of an effort in the future. Time to crack open those local mags.

Terri said...

There are two fashion weeks in town -
on is BC Fashion Week, which is not open to the public. Media, buyers, stylists and other folks in the industry must be invited in order to attend. The first photos you pulled (Tiger of Sweden) are from BCFW.

Vancouver Fashion Week is held a couple weeks after BCFW and is open to the public.

It's a bit confusing, I know.

j'aimetamere said...

Whoops, yeah the one I looked at was from Vancouver fashion week (except I posted pictures from BC fashion week also. haha my bad)When I was looking around on the internet they sold tickets for the Vancouver one.