Wednesday, April 16, 2008

12:45 am

So I'm up at 12:45 am finishing my stupid essay. I finished at 11 but decided to read some Marie Claire before finising up my good copy. So the idiot I am forgot to create a new paragraph and indent for my second section and it was handwritten. I am not hoping that my teacher will accept this printed...he probably will but I'm just paranoid. AH. So to make this fashion related :
Tomorrow I plan to wear -

  • Wide-leg jeans ( I just found them in my closet the other day, I got them from Dorothy Perkins when I went to the Philippines this summer)
  • Oversized Beige Tee with a purple Lion on it from ON
  • Black leather platforms with brown heel OR Brown and Gold wedges from Payless
  • Brown Leather belt
  • Long Gold chain with some kind of pendant

I think it sounds like a good outfit. Anyways I'm yearning for this quite reasonably priced leather tote from LL Bean. I hope my parentals will allow me to order something online!

I should probably finish up that essay now...

1 comment:

Lotem said...

Haha, I really know the situation.
That I'm up at 2 AM having to finish an article or homework,
But before that I MUST browse through the whole website of Forever21, adding stuff to a shopping bag I will probably never check out.