Saturday, June 14, 2008

Florals & Studded Belts

FRIDAY THE 13th OUTFIT! *Twilight Zone Theme*Blouse - H&M, Belt - Off the Wall (I think..), Skirt - James Perse, Tights - Hue, Sandals - From Sterling, Hairband - H&M
So this is my attempt at the floral trend AND the studded belt trend. UGH I was so bloated yesterday so my stomach looks all paunchy...yuck. Anyways this is what I wore to school except without the tights. I put the tights on when my friends and I went to a movie and then late night dinner (which totally doesn't help the paunchy stomach problem...). I saw the Happening, I was really excited because I looooove Mark Wahlberg but it was a let down. Like yeah it's more of a thinking movie instead of a gory or monster horror was more suspense...I don't even think it was horror anyways. Haha. So I guess don't see it...haha. Studying this whole weekend! Most likely no outfit posts since I won't be going out. I want to go to the beach and read my book for English class which I'd get bonus marks for...but my parents are being strict. I hope they let me out hahah. Happy weekend everyone :)


Wendy said...

That floral blouse is too cute for words. And I must try this studded belt + pretty combo too.

Belowen said...

Argh, I want that floral blouse. Curse Australia for not having H&M access!! I was so looking forward to seeing The Happening, until my fiance's little brother spoiled it for me :(

heather said...

very appropriate for the date

Cheryl Lynn said...

Very cute outfit. I like the floral print and the belt is a nice touch.

I have to tell you, I screamed laughing out loud when I read your comment on MOMTD about the inappropriately dressed dinner guest. That "kick them in the face" line sounds like one of my many emotions when dealing with inappropriately dressed people. I probably should calm down, huh...

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i must say that..I LOVE YOUR TOP!!!x

Imelda said...

Lovely outfit!
Love the blouse and the belt goes really great with the outfit!

yiqin; said...

YOU LOOK SO GOOD! I need to get a studded belt asap!

Anonymous said...



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