Tuesday, June 3, 2008


K so I finally went and stole my little cousin's camera while mine's getting repaired hehe. Anyways this isn't all the new stuff since a bunch of it is in the wash.
So I bought-
White Linen Polo/Cover up
Teal Shirt Dress
Pink 3/4 sleeve Blouse
Various Plastic Hairbands
Navy Shorts
Orange Summer Dress
Black/Red Flora Blouse
Black Romper
Braided Leather Bracelet
Start Necklace
Floral Hairbands
Star Necklace from H&M from the Men's Section!
White Gladiators from Stitches! Only 15$! Plus my various discounts!
Floral Blouse from H&M - only $20Orange Summer Dress. This picture does no justice...I forgot to take a picture while I was wearing it to my friend's birthday. I'll try to steal some from my friends camera soon.Floral Hairbands from Children's Section at H&M.Braided Leather Bracelet from Men's section at H&M

So this is the end of the overload of pictures haha. I'll get more up as soon as I start wearing them and they come out of the wash :). I've noticed I have the problem of shopping in the proper section haha. I love looking at the men's and children's (especially since I fit their shoes hehe!) because not many girls would go there...for obvious reasons, and I love feminising menswear.


CoutureCarrie said...

That orange dress is fantastic! Will look so fab with a wide brown leather belt and platform sandals - brava!

Fashion Addict said...

I love the orange dress!

BTW, I'm not angry with you about the whole link situation we had! I just took yours off my blogroll because that's my policy when people don't link me back in a certain amount of time... But I've added you again and everything's fine!

yiqin; said...

Ohmy, I am so jealous you have a H&M store near you! Those stuffs are awesome :D

Anonymous said...

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