Friday, June 27, 2008

Fo The Kids With The Froes


Anyways since I forgot where I put my camera the other outfit posts and recent buy posts will be a bit. AH I'm a horrible blogger. Anyways I wanted to give you guys something to read. Just wanted to showcase this girl's blog. I think she has amazing pictures and a cute and quirky sense of fashion.

For the Kids with the Froes


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my camera....

is alive! thank goodness. I'm gonna get posts tonight when the battery finishes charging haha

Monday, June 23, 2008

BRB ladies

I'm sorry, I feel like I've been a horrible blogger. My posts will be quite sporadic over the summer since I'm out and about enjoying the sun, partying hehe, and working on my bio online class to bring up a grade! I'll try to get as much posting as I can soon, but thanks for checking up on me :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

schools out bitches

more posts soon!
just went to the aritzia pre sale so I got loads of goodies. I'm going to the UB 50% off sale too tonight and I'm going back to the pre sale tomorrow. Recent purchase post really soon! BRB I'm gonna enjoy the sun

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Florals & Studded Belts

FRIDAY THE 13th OUTFIT! *Twilight Zone Theme*Blouse - H&M, Belt - Off the Wall (I think..), Skirt - James Perse, Tights - Hue, Sandals - From Sterling, Hairband - H&M
So this is my attempt at the floral trend AND the studded belt trend. UGH I was so bloated yesterday so my stomach looks all paunchy...yuck. Anyways this is what I wore to school except without the tights. I put the tights on when my friends and I went to a movie and then late night dinner (which totally doesn't help the paunchy stomach problem...). I saw the Happening, I was really excited because I looooove Mark Wahlberg but it was a let down. Like yeah it's more of a thinking movie instead of a gory or monster horror was more suspense...I don't even think it was horror anyways. Haha. So I guess don't see it...haha. Studying this whole weekend! Most likely no outfit posts since I won't be going out. I want to go to the beach and read my book for English class which I'd get bonus marks for...but my parents are being strict. I hope they let me out hahah. Happy weekend everyone :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bad-Face Day

LAWL. Anyways I took some pictures with the studded belt...but I haven't worn it with anything more girly since I plan to wear it tomorrow so I'll take pictures then. I also tried the denim shirt trend...haha I think I need to find a smaller one, that was just a random vintage find. If I weren't so lazy I wouldn't actually found the right size. Oh Vell. Anyways don't mind the smiley-faces...I had a bad face day today...pimples,oily...ugh don't even wanna talk about it. OH and please ignore the horrendously messy room!Denim Shirt - Vintage, Leggings - AA, Boots - Aldo, Belt - Gap

I think I'm going to not wear leggings underneath the shirt, it's pretty long and can be a dress. Also I'd probably wear some gladiator sandals or brown boots. I'd go for some cowboy boots but I'd just be a tad too matchy-matchy
tee - AA, Vest - Wilfred, Leggings - AA, Boots - Aldo, Belt - found in my aunt's closet

My next outfit in mind for this belt is with my floral top from H&M tucked into a high waist skirt with the studded belt on top. AH I'm excited to get dressed tomorrow :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

aritzia pre-sale

it's coming up and im sooo excited. I didn't get much last year, just some leggings (I think I got them during the presale) and a black baby doll. My friend who works there when they need extra help told me all the goodies they're giving away for people invited to the pre-sale and if I spend a certain amount I get another gift. WOOT. I love free stuff haha and I love aritzia :)

tag body spray...

smells weird.

Anyways I've been tagged by Cheryl Lynn and Couture Carrie. Thank you for being on your minds when you were doing this! Te he.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Being the most stressed out 7-year-old ever. I didn't realize that I've been stressed out my entire life, I've always been a perfectionist! HA. Also playing with barbies...

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
a)bio homework
b)English homework
c)clean my room (yeah right!)
d)studying for exams! gah
e)watch the simpsons? haha

3. Snacks you enjoy.
Um....I don't really like to snack... I just tend to have meals HAHA no wonder I'm so fat.
But cookies...and raw cauliflower <3

4. Places you have lived.
Philippines and Canada. exciting. But I'm only 17...there's more to come.

5. Things you would do if you were a billionaire
Travel, shop like theres no tomorrow, buy my bestfriend a cell phone, donate a lot of it to the church, any charity I believe in...I'd hire a driver so I'd never have to drive since I'm shit-scared to anyways hahah.

6. People you want to know more about
My mother

I tag : anyone who wants to do it! Sorry, as you can see I'm pretty much a reaaally lazy person.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SATC Studded Belt

I didn't watch the movie and I didn't watch the series but by no means do I not like the outfits in them. Anyways as many of you, I've been dreaming about Carrie's studded belt and incorporating them into my outfits in my head and then I found an old one in my aunt's closet (my source for cheap, aka free, vintage items). I'm quite excited to use it! Many have the pyramid studs but the one I found has these round ones and I think I like them. They're a little more feminine than the spiky ones but they still do the trick, but I think I might still want to go out and buy a pointier stud since I noticed that theres a few missing studs on this belt...k just one. I'll probably be too cheap and end up just re-arranging some of the studs that aren't seen very much and put it in that empty space. HAH. We'll see...

birthday dinner w/ fam jam

Dress - H&M, Blazer - Gap, Heels - Old Navy

So here's my ONE picture of my outfit since my boobs look all weird in the other pictures har har. I enjoy posing in front of the iron man posters. Robert Downey Jr. is hot. K I'm done. Le pics!

its pissin' rain

so its raining cats and dogs, hah, so that means I can wear tights cause it's cold! Hehe. I'm more excited than i should

Monday, June 9, 2008

So I bought this...

and I absolutely love it. It's so helpful. I'm so cheap and I actually went up to the counter and paid the $20 price tag (with my chapters discount ofcourse). I've only read a bit since my aunt took it away so I could read it on the 10 hour plane ride when we go away this summer. My family sucks. But I guess it'll be better since I'll have a whole book to read on the plane and not just re-reading it.

AH! exams! then summer school! AH

Life is busy! Anyways update on my life? OK! Had dinner with the family this weekend for my birthday lol so late. Anyways, pictures will be up soon. I wore my orange/red H&M dress. So to make this more fashion related I'm including some polyvore sets I've made cause I'm addicted to that site haha. I'm probably gonna update even less than I already do since this is the last week of my normal day school and then I have freakin' math and bio to do for summer school! Wish me luck! I'll be back soon. Then I'm off to Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines! BRB

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Favourite Resort 2009

Carolina Herrera

Calvin Klein, Zac Posen


Stella McCartney

Peter Som, Proenza Schouler

Donna Karan


I didn't really like Marc Jacobs' resort collection but it's just 'cause its not my style. I'm swooning over everything in Stella McCartney's collection. Plus I love where she photographed the models. My favourites woud have to be Stella McCartney, Donna Karan and Valentino. I did love all the jumpsuits from Proenza Schouler though <3 and a lot of Peter Som's pieces. Oh how I wish I could afford them all.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

bla bla store lets see what they wore!

I really love what she's wearing. I'm a bit iffy on the shoes but I like how she can pull this off. She can do nothing wrong in my opinion! Haha.

I love this dress, I don't really like the shoes. The dress would be something I'd choose to wear to my grad or something. EEP. I'm graduating this year! Meaning I get to go dress shopping...hehe.
That's all I really have to say. I liked Emma Roberts' dress but, again, I hated the shoes. Plus I don't really like her so I don't feel like spotlighting her on my blog :)


I got my private pre-sale invite from Aritzia in the mail today. Je suis contente! Ignore the horrendous French.


K so I finally went and stole my little cousin's camera while mine's getting repaired hehe. Anyways this isn't all the new stuff since a bunch of it is in the wash.
So I bought-
White Linen Polo/Cover up
Teal Shirt Dress
Pink 3/4 sleeve Blouse
Various Plastic Hairbands
Navy Shorts
Orange Summer Dress
Black/Red Flora Blouse
Black Romper
Braided Leather Bracelet
Start Necklace
Floral Hairbands
Star Necklace from H&M from the Men's Section!
White Gladiators from Stitches! Only 15$! Plus my various discounts!
Floral Blouse from H&M - only $20Orange Summer Dress. This picture does no justice...I forgot to take a picture while I was wearing it to my friend's birthday. I'll try to steal some from my friends camera soon.Floral Hairbands from Children's Section at H&M.Braided Leather Bracelet from Men's section at H&M

So this is the end of the overload of pictures haha. I'll get more up as soon as I start wearing them and they come out of the wash :). I've noticed I have the problem of shopping in the proper section haha. I love looking at the men's and children's (especially since I fit their shoes hehe!) because not many girls would go there...for obvious reasons, and I love feminising menswear.

Monday, June 2, 2008


An amazing designer, thanks for all your beautiful, beautiful clothing.
Links : Fashion Telivision