Sunday, May 4, 2008

Iron Man!

So I watched Iron Man today (technically yesterday since I watched it on saturday..) and my life is officially complete. I'm in love and I'm also quite fat...(fatter) since I ate a bunch of delicious dark chocolate (L). I am also in love Robert Downey Jr. even though he was a drug addict/alchy...I don't care. I think he's amazingly gorgeous and I plan to marry....someone that looks like him some day. HAH! I wore my new belt again to the movies, it has become my favourite accessory. Anyways I was planning to make some sort of collage but since I'm on my laptop and I'm extra lazy I'm just going to put pictures of me standing in my messy living room, up.

Skirt - American Apparel, Beater - TNA/Aritzia, Blazer - Gap, Tights - HUE/The Bay, Necklace - Target, Shoes - Old Navy, Belt - Gap


The Vancouverista said...

very cute outfit!!

MONAE. said...

you look very hott in this outfit