Monday, May 5, 2008


I love all the huge necklaces and bracelets and rings...I could go on forever. I love BIG! and Oversized :). I'm trying to find some sort of necklace like the ones in my collage to wear with my black bubble dress for my birthday. If not I'm going to try and knockoff that Marchesa feather dress I posted before. I'm excited, I'm in the works of finding feathers to buy on ebay..hehe.
Pictures :


JuliAM said...

added you as well, and i'm also totally enamoured with super chunky necklaces

bear said...

i love them too!! i just saved this picture for inspiration! thank you!

iñaki said...

I am so looking forward to see this trend on the streets! It would be so cool seeing girls everywhere with quite simple ensembles and massive necklaces, right?