Friday, May 9, 2008

Red Scarf

Scarf - DIY, T - Abercrombie, Skirt - James Perse, Tights - HUE, Platforms - Aldo

So school today, english quiz, I've been really sleepy. AH. My family left me to stay at home since they went to watch iron man and I already did so I'll probably start to watch the bee movie after I post and get into my comfy Pj's. This is what I wore today ..bla bla bla. I remember seeing Everybody'sugly's outfit with the big pink scarf and tried it out but with a big red scarf aka a big red piece of cloth I found in my box of cloth and shtuff. Anyways this is my lame attempt and don't look anything near as great as her outfit did, haha lawlz. I look dumb in the pictures lol, I was sleepy and taking pictures while trying to watch tv and look cool. I want a green tea frappuccino sooooooo bad right now...haha random.


Eleh said...

nice scarf. it adds a bright pop to your outfit :D

Wendy said...

The red scarf does wonders, pops against the black and white.

Imelda Matt said...

I love that you were multi tasking while Wendy's right, the the red pops!