Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mes Souliers

So um instead of studying I decided to take pictures of ALL my shoes (excluding ones I couldn't get from behind the water heater where my aunt stores a lot of shoes and my flip flops). So I hope you appreciate my shoe collection which is still growing...as I get more moola! Haha. [Side note - GAH I tried to upload them here from the blogger uploading thing and it wouldn't. I'm going to kick something. Anyways...waiting for my pictures to loooad

Why do I have so many runners/sneakers. I don't even work out that much. HAHA.
(From Top. L-R. Adidas, Nike, Adidas, Adidas, 80%20, Vans, Puma, Nike (these are really cute they're green and pink :)!!!), Nike, Vans)

Do you like my fat toes? Haha! I have a lot of black flats...You could say I'm addicted. I had more but I can't find some and my aunt just gave some to charity the other week and I still used them. Thanks for asking....
(From top. L-R. Red Flats - Superstore, Black Snakeskin Flats - Costa Blanca, White Flats w/ Bow - Some store in Japan, White Flats - Somewhere in the Philippines, Black Satin Flats - Superstore, Black Bow Flats - Costa Blanca,
Bottom : Black Leather Flats - Superstore, Black Bow Flats - Somewhere in the Philippines, Brown Pointy Flats - Dollhouse (from Ross), Silver Twist Flat - Somewhere in the Philippines, Gold Flats - Urban Behaviour, Black Flats - Somewhere in the Philippines.)

I never realized how many gladiator sandals I have..EEP.
Top : Silver Gladiators - Sirens, Brown Gladiators - Seduction, Brown Sparkley - Old Navy
Bottom: White Gladiators - Sirens, Black Sandals - Seduction, White Sandals - Seychelles.
These are the heels/Wedges! Yay. I don't have too much since I'm stil learning how to walk in them without looking like I'm the hunchback of notredame. LAWL.
Top Row - Red Heels - Old Navy, Black Platforms - Aldo, Black and Brown - Old Navy
Middle Row - Brown Sandals - Spring? I think, Black Sandals - Sterling, Brown/Gold - Payless
Bottom - Cream Sandals - Aldo, Black and Grey Heels - Nine West

Top : Aldo, (Yeah I own a pair of Uggs...and a fake pair at that!) Target $15!!!, Brown Flat boots - Urban Behaviour.
Bottom: Haha I made my cousin hold them up :). Black Suede Boots - Payless ($60!!), Black Leather Boots - Aldo <3>
And.......my banana split with strawberries <3.>


Sharon Rose said...

How do you get your feet in this last picture-haha, only joking, obviously!! A great collection here!!

enc said...

Somebody likes ballet flats! :D I love those black trainers. All in all, you've got a fantastic collection of shoes. Well done.

Thanks for visiting me, please come again!

yiqin; said...

I am jealous of your giadiators collection! Especially the white one! Ahhh shoes are amazing aren't they. I am obsessed wit flats in many different colors & prints!

sam. said...

shooooesss...thanks for commenting on my blog, you're a sweetie ;)

danielle said...

where's seduction?? i'm very curious. i think it might require a visit!
thanks for visiting my blog. yay for vancouver bloggers!!

Richel said...

whoa! that's a lot of shoes!

Kelly said...

Wow. This makes me feel better about the massive shoe collection I try to keep track of in my teensy apartment! :)

cupofstyle said...

thanks for the tip;) i'm adding you to my blogroll!

Emily said...

Thanks for dropping by, killer shoes collection, I'm in desperate need


the last pic is the one i love most

have a look to my fashion week best of shoes...
don't collapse ! lol

cheers from Paris


NewlyInspired said...

WOW alot of shoes!! I have the same addiction :)

Lilac Stevens said...

I'm so envious of your shoe collection! Your gladiators are particularly fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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