Saturday, July 5, 2008

mintage sale

So I came in late from work last night and I was quite tired so I woke up pretty late. I was planning to go to the sale around noon or so but my friend calls at 11:15, about an hour after the sale starts, that it sold out in 30 minutes! It must have been some sale! I guess I'll just have to wait til next year and camp out. Hehe


Wendy said...

I can never find any of those bag thrift sales around my area, so sucks.

Sharon Rose said...

Oh never mind! At least you didn't have to trek up there to find it sold out!


sales on Style and the City blog ! lol

Hi from Paris stylish and funny girl

I am glad to tell you the Paris fashion week is over : alléluia !
I try to find time to alert stylish blogs and colleagues like yours that i just posted a best of fahion week shoes.
Please don't collapse ! lol
i hope you'll like

i've been proposed to create a fashion magazine in Paris as i wrote it in my blog ( of volonteers ! lol). Let's keep in touch and exchange links !

I wish you a wonderful day


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

have fun, buy lots of things!

Jay said...

Thanks i try to keep my room tidy}

karen said...

oh wow that sounds like an amazing sale, sorry you missed out on it!

Anjeanette said...

Thanks for the advice re: my dress. If I can't take the dieting I'll try one of those bodysuits. I never even thought of that!

Farren said...

that's insane! in 30 minutes? wow!

Sinead said...

That sounds like such a cool sale! I've never heard of those
And I would love to trade links :) I'll add you right now!