Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HK !!!

These are my outfits for the past few days. I just wore a pink summer dress with a black cardigan today so nothing too picture worthy. Plus I added some tourist-y pictures haha
This was when we first got to Hong Kong. It was a 13.5 hour flight and I look like a mess haha. I'm wearing a kensie for aritzia cardigan, white crochet cami under a neon yellow wilfred pocket tank with american apparel leggings.

At the avenue of stars. Jackie Chan's handprints! hehe
At the hotel's fountain waiting for the tour bus
In a temple. I'm wearing a white american eagle top with green american eagle shorts. Yeah real original. It's just so freaking hot and humid if I didn't wear thin, loose clothes I'd be even more of a huge sweat ball.
Going onto a sampan boat for a tour of the fisherman's village.
At Mo Man Temple.

Anyways I just went shopping today and got tons of cute stuff so I'll remember to take pictures of what I bought and post them up as soon as possible. I'm off to Macau tomorrow for a day trip, hope I can find some great bargains! And if you know of any great places to shop in Hong Kong or Vietnam please do tell me! It'd be greatly appreciated! :)


Sharon Rose said...

Wow-lovely pictures of outfits and places, lucky girl!! Have a great time!!

annabananna said...

that looks like so much fun! and you look adorable!

Fashion Is Poison said...

I miss HK so much!!

emily said...

such a gorgeous outfit!

megan said...

sweet pics! Jackie Chan is so Qeewl

megan /

M @ Wearfare said...

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Aly-gator said...

aw i like your bag, and i want to go to HK :(