Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long Overdue Recent Purchases

Stud Bracelet - American Eagle
Leather Bracelet - American Eagle
Brown Gladiators - Seduction
Hoodies - TNA (only $55 from $70! becuase of the pre sale :))
White Blouse - American Eagle
Green Blouse - Joe Style (From superstore, my aunt gave it to me because she didn't like the way it looked on her..hehe)
Black Tube Top - Aritzia (I'm going to use this with a bandage skirt to make it look like I own a bandage dress! hehe..I'm cheap)

Here are SOME of my most recent purchases. My neon tank is in the wash and I was too lazy to get my gooey/tar strap looking sandals for an upclose shot. Anyways this is what I bought at the aritzia sale minus the booty shorts I'm going to use for swimming, the neon wilfred pocket tank and the freebies...the towel's in the wash :P.


Sharon Rose said...

Love all these purchases-a good mix of stuff for summer!!

MR style said...

the bracelets are so cool !!i guess i should pretend i buy those for my girlfriend but then wear it for myself

Unwise Pedestrian said...

I love those gladiators. And I really need to stock up on hoodies too...

Thanks for the add! I added you too :)

Camille says OOPS. said...

I really like your gladiators !
By the way my shoes are from Chloé, I'd glad you like it !
I'm sure your french isn't that bad ^^

MONI said...

good choice!!!

A dreamer said...

i love all blue-coral colours!

Glamouricious said...

ahh,, lol i know what you mean about being long overdue with some items. i still don't have a pair of gladiator sandals like you bought, but i will be getting them very very soon.:)
oh and you can use stretchy tube tops as bandage skirts too! i tried it with an old rube top i never wear, and it looks very cute. i even tried it with a striped one.